FAQ's about our billing policy:

How much am I billed and how often?
When you subscribe, you are billed $29.95 per month. You will be billed every month until you cancel your account.


How long does my account last after I cancel?
Your account lasts until the end of the month that you last paid for. So, if you are billed on the 15th and you cancel on the 20th, you will still have a membership until the 15th of the next month!


Broken Links/Other technical problems:
If you encounter any broken links or "File Not Found" messages, email our webmaster. What to include in your email:
The full path name (http:// etc...) of the page you're linking from A description of the link (the text or image of the link)
We appreciate your help .


Lost acces / forgotten password:
If you have an account with us, the following are reasons why you might not be able to get access.


Forgotten Password: Are you sure that's your password? You can always e-mail us to find out what it is! Make sure to include your name, full email address and the last 8 digits of the credit card you used to subscribe. Wrong Case: You must enter your username and password the exact same way each time. If you capitalized some letters when you signed-up, you must always capitalize them.